I am a 30 year old female 5’4 @ 140 lbs with no history of heart condition.

I recently visited the ER due to shortness of breath; chest pain to my right chest, dizziness, tingling of legs and both arms feeling extremely weak/heavy. I was admitted to the hospital for two day due to my Troponin Levels at .07. My EKG came back normal and my stress test back normal as well as CT scan of my heart. I was discharged once my Troponin levels went down to .05 and was referred out to a cardiologist to have an echocardiogram performed. My question is the levels of my troponin is it something I should treat as alarming or something insignificant. Since the level of the troponin are relatively insignificant per the ER doctor. Why should I pay co pay and all these other medical bills due to levels being that low? The doctors made it seem to me the levels were not alarming. Also, in my discharge papers stated echocardiogram test ordered for the possibility of diet pills (which I was not taking at the time. I stopped taking Phentermine 37.5 a month ago) causing a phenomenon called pulmonary hypertension.