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My testicals are always loose during erections and they used to be tight when i was younger, i am 25 now and i also have trouble holding a full erection, my erections seem softer and dont reach their full potential, can this be caused by having a anal fissure?? I also tend to ejaculate too fast these days during sex, this has been a problem for me for almost 3years now, sometimes my erections have been normal but this would only be 10% of the time, it really depresses me, what can i do to solve this problem??


I reckon you should see a doctor. You could have some kind of physical problem. It could be your blood vessels, sexual hormones, or diabetes.
I suppose you don’t have any psychological issues. If you do, they may be causing your sexual dysfunction. I understand that you are having them now since the problem occurred but what about before? Have you been taking any medications before the problem started? If you have, drugs could be a cause of erectile dysfunction and is often reversible once the drug was stopped.

When it comes to problems with initial erection, the problem may be diabetes or vascular disease. If you have ever had spinal injury, you could be suffering erectile problems now.

There could be problems with nerves but in order to realize what it is, you need to see a specialist.