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yesterday, i had masturbated around 5-6 times and stroked my penis at one session for a extremely long time. afterwards i noticed that my penis was unusual, the penis skin was extremely longer and more abundant than before, and basically my penis head was 1-2 inch below the skin so i had to push the penis skin outwards to actually see the head. My penis currently looks like theres a big bump in the middle of it, which is actually the penis head. it also looks as if the penis skin is still in the state in where i would have a erection because it is extremely fat and long. Im also having a problem gaining a erection, ive stimulated it a lot of times but im unsure if its because of the stress of this whole thing that causes me to not gain a erection or if its because ive gained ED. can someone help me please on this problem?


yes of course

what is your age ?

and weight ?