Hey guys kinda new to this. Just looking for an answer. So back when I was like 15 or so I discovered masturbation like any guy would. I did it alot. But then around 18 years old (im 20 now) i lost my virginity and we ended up going out for like 1.5 years. We would have sex constantly. Every day sometimes 5 times a day. Just a couple months ago we broke up. So I went from having sex everyday to no sex at all. So I started masturbating alot because I missed the feeling so much and became addicted and started doing it like 2-5 times a day. But for atleast like 2-3 weeks my erections have been weaker. I don't get them as much. My ex occasionally will hook up again but the last 2 times we did I went soft while having sex with her. I was rock hard during foreplay but 10 minutes into sex I went

soft. Then just recently I had sex with another girl. Same thing occurred. I was rock hard during foreplay but then sex came and my erection lasted for like 10 min. Yea I did have the thought in my head at the time thinking i had ED and its still in my head. Even when I masturbate my erections arent full 100% like they should be. Ive been doing alot of research on the internet and while some sites say masturbation can't harm you some people say that masturbating too much can cause your sex drive to lower and your hormones to decrease causing weak erections and also it can damage nerves in your penis. Plus for a few days now my balls have been hurting and my abdomen, in and around the groin area. Plus they are cold along with my penis. like colder than normal.  Like it feels cold alot im worried that idamaged my penis permanently because websites said that over masturbating can cause it .  My erections aren't 100% plus I dont get morning wood DId i permanently damamge my penis? I' m freaking out