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I have had 2 intaoccular transplants removing cataracts. Age 57, now I also haveadvanced macular degeneration , so eye Dr. has me wearing contacts gas perm. I have always worn sun glasses, but now 5 yrs. in N.M. the light kills me. Even on my computer it is too bright! Help. Rockymtns


My nephew had extreme well not extreme but his eyes are very sensitive to the light so he is wearing glasses that doctor has prescribed to him few years back and it seems that this is good solution to him. He also have astigmatism so he is trying to correct it by wearing the same glasses as well. Doctor has recommended contact lenses but he is allergic and after three months of trying we gave up and took the glasses. The lenses are thick but if it helps than who cares how does it looks like.

I don’t know if this is going to be helpful to you but I hope that it will. Good luck and I hope that you will resolve your problem soon.