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I am suffering from a really bad fear. I have had headaches. I was scared so i got CT scan on 22nd JAN 2013 and MRI on 6th March 2013. Now i have nerver pulls and pressure in head. usually one sided. pressure like when you stand upside down. My CT and MRI scan of Brain came back normal. I have also got my blood tests for cancer. That is also normal. Doctors said that its migraine. I am still not convinced. Please tell me the MRI which i took 28 days back will be valid now also right? Should i get one more? How long MRI scans can be referred to. Pls help. My marriage is nearing. I am scared


Research anxiety. It is amazing how anxiety can manifest itself in physical symptoms you'd never consider. Your fears can be debilitating and cause you headaches, head pressure, and other physical pains and problems....then because you get tested and everything is "normal" you might get even more anxiety about it, which will only prolong/worsen your physical pain. I know, it's very scary and can disrupt your life. Take your power back!