I'm not sure if it's anxiety or what but for the last month and a half I have been constantly lightheaded almost spacey. I had blood work done a month ago and the only thing that came back low was my Hemoglobin. I have always suffered with low ironand this time my blood work showed that my iron level was good but the Hemoglobin was a little low. My doctor says since he's taken care of me for several years now...my Hemoglobin has always been like this. He diagnosed me as having TMJ and sent me to a TMJ specialist since I was having head pain and jaw pain. The specialist did confirm the TMJ and I'm to get a mouth guard and have physio because I have a dislocated disc in my jaw. Along with the head pain (headaches) I have lightheaded almost spacey feelings...like I can just pass out (but never have). The specialist also told me that one of my wisdom teeth had a cavity right down to the root and the molars beside it had cavities too. He believes that might be contributing to my headaches. I have since had the cavities filled and the wisdom tooth extracted. My headaches have lessen! But my lightheaded/spacey feeling is still there. My blood pressure was also taken about a few weeks ago and it was good. I have been suffering with anxiety over this and have lost weight due to it. I am now considered underweight for my height. I am due to see my doctor tomorrow for follow-up blood work. I'm wondering if I should ask him for any special blood tests to check for any underlying problems or should I get an MRI or CT scan due to the lightheaded feeling. I'm really scared about this. I have 2 young children that depend on me. What should I do? Can lightheadedness be the sign of a major problem?