I'm always worried after sex that my girlfriend could be pregnant. The fist we had sex was my first and I was absolutely terrified that she may have become pregnant as she touched my penis then the condom and also herself. All these thoughts were going trough my head and at that time I had not even ejaculated yet. So now when ever things get heated or we mess around I feel literally anything could lead to a pregnancy, so there has been a few times we could have had sex but I wasn't ready until this week. So last night did it 3 times wore condom each time, only came once and also used withdrawal method with condom, other times I didn't ejaculate but had condom on also, so. I'm. Just worried about precum on the condom even tho I did see any, the second and 3 time I Asked her to wipe her hands before handling the condom, I just can't deal with this paranoia. She says she's is not at a stage where she is fertile but is that trust worthy. She's never late only by like half a day the odd time. She has an app to track it all. Am I being safe and just overthinking or should I just abstain until she gets the bar