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So this is what happened.. We were hanging out one day and things started to get a little heated. I fingered her and she gave me a ha****b until i finished. Then an hour or so later, we got back up again. I fingered her for a little and we wanted to do more. So, I put on a condom and proceeded to have sex. Wasn't that long but we did it for a little while. I felt myself about to cum so I pulled out and came. The condom did not leak, did not break, and I pulled out to cum. This month she is 2 days late on her period now and she is worried. I know that there is a possibility for pregnancy for anything, but could she be pregnant if I didn't cum inside of her, the condom didn't break, and it didn't leak either?



highly unlikely unless she with someone else in this case. she may just b experiencing an irregular period