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I worked fulltime as a graphic designer for the last 5 years. Working in a stressful environment where we couldn't take many breaks. Before working with computers i never had any issues at all and was very physical and fit! Progressively over the previous years I started having problems with my neck and eyes. I would often get tightness in the neck, eyes feel strained and dizzy, feeling less steady when standing, certain chairs could easily give me a headache, tightness at side of eyes around to the base of the skull. These symptoms tend to vary.

I am now out of the industry and have gone back to uni to make a career change, however i am still experiencing these symptoms even though my time behind a computer has reduced considerably. I have tried seeing a chiropractor, remedial therapist, acupuncture... and they may have temporary benefits but dont seem to get me back to where i was before working with computers. I am 6'2" and quite slim and i think i was prone to bad posture when at a pc... i also have a fairly long neck. find it difficult to sit up straight for any long period of time and often end up slouching forward.

i also noticed that when i put my hands on my head with my elbows outwards (like after a run) and relax my shoulders, the muscles/ligaments in my shoulders and along my upper arm are really tight almost like stretching your hamstring!

i hate this so much cos it makes me feel like c**p! any ideas on what i could do or who i could go see to help me? ps. i am in australia.


I'm surprised nobody has responded to your post as it is nearly a year old.

I also work with computers (systems administrator), I'm 6'2" and thin, just like you. Well, right around the 4 year mark I started having the same symptoms you are.

Dizziness, headaches, etc. I also have eye problems like increased floaters, dry eyes, can see blood vessels when I look at a bright surface (like the sky or a white wall). Constant sore neck.

I was able to nearly eliminate the dizziness (the most annoying symptom) by stretching my sternocleidomastoid muscles, and by taking frequent breaks from sitting. This has also helped with the headaches and "brain fog" feeling. Tight neck muscles can put pressure on nerves, blood vessels, your skull and your spine, which leads to a wide variety of terrible symptoms. Those who haven't experienced it have no idea. I thought for sure I was dying from MS or ALS or something. It was that bad. Muscle weakness, twitching, confusion, eye problems, ringing ears, dizziness, etc... Awful.

The eye problems are more difficult to do anything about. Staring at computer screens is a very visually intensive activity, and this puts strain on your eyes in various ways. When you're eyes have to constantly make small focus adjustments, and your retina is being overworked, your eyes will grow extra blood vessels to keep up with demand. Imagine if you worked out your arm for 16 hours every day. You'd have huge changes to the structure of your arm, not to mention severe damage, eventually. Your eyes are not meant to look at anything, especially not close up, for more than a few minutes. Can you imagine people, before television or computers, ever staring at something for hours every day? Well, maybe granny with her knitting...but guess what, she has eye trouble.

Computer jobs are a killer. I'm a millwright, which is a much more physically active job, and I was in much better health when I did that for a living. Now that I'm working with computers I've had nothing but problems. I gained 50 lbs in 4 years, started having all these dizziness and eye problems, etc. I don't know how much longer I can handle it. I guess I'll have to stop when I go blind.

I think the only solution for people like us is avoidance and a healthier lifestyle. Good luck!