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I am 44 and have a 1 year old prescription of (left) -.025 -.050    and right -0.50 -0.75; this has been steady since I was a teen, I have had glasses on and off since;  usually I don't notice much difference in what I see whether wearing them or not except for TV; that's where I notice most difference.  that 1 yo prescription added progressive +1.25 in each eye, over what I have had for 20+ years. Previously when I'd o in they'd tell me I need em once, then "I don't need glasses" on the next exam.

I thought I "might be" noticing a slight difference esp while driving recently with-or-without them. but not enough to really tell if it was seeing different or driving in different areas/different lighting etc  lately was the difference....

Well in the last couple weeks, printed material on the TV screen has seemed a lil worse to see, esp. without them.

Fast forward to a week ago, and it's like night n day>> everything in the distance is blurry. I am really having trouble at night with streetlights all of a sudden. and road signs, day or night. I can't read them til I am "right on them" recently.    I originally got glasses due to a slight burning sensation that came and went, and glasses seemed to alleviate that when my eyes started to burn. . but I was told I didn't need them 'all the time" so I did not use them as such.

Since this fairly rapid change, my eyes really burn bad and more constantly.

I went in for an eye exam yesterday and too much money later I am now awaiting new glasses; I got 2 pair; one "nice" and a pair of "safetys" being I am very mechanical and often working on cars  tractors etc. the ones with the side shields.  

the progressive part is still +.1.25,  but the distance part went from the above to now -1.50 on the left and -1.25 on the right, with a -1.00 for the "middle number on both.  What is going on here? the eye Dr said I had a "big change" even for 1 year; let alone over the last few weeks..... and though the eye Dr didn't say "use them when you____"  like usual, but she don't have to; the difference I saw in the chair, tells me I will be having to wear them constantly now, something I am extremely not happy about. I guess bang for the buck wise, I may as well do so to get my money's worth (if that makes sense) even if I don't "have to", the problems I now have tell me that story. 

as does the "usual 7-10 days to get in" but we can mark the order "fill ASAP" comments that the optician made.

I am really worried with the fact taht I am about to go for my CDL license very soon, and from asking I guess I am now bad enough that wearing glasses will become a restriction on my license next time, CDL or not according to the Dr.    

I am back in college (last semester!)  and trying to get working again + the CDL thing; could it just be from stress? (meaning it might "go back to normal" once things level off in my life)




no ideas? I am aggravated by this sudden change, after 44 years of  basically "no problems";  i hope this aint some sort of "slippery slope" kind of situation. 

 Why are frames $209?   there are no diamonds or anything on them. and when did "just lenses" start costing $415/set?  what makes them so expensive?  $.50 worth of plastic, and yeah i understand a little bit of time to grind and fit them (they got all these "1 hour" places available now a days so it aint an all day process)

Of that Transitions is $100 and antireflect ANOTHER $100??? that seems the "industry" is badly taking advantage of  "opportunity" in people's time of need; I mean being able to see and see clearly is huge;  but it should not be THAT costly!


I am sure that they are not losing anything when they replace a pair under warranty for $29.95!   (double that since the warranty also costs that)

Even with but one/get one, I spent $800.....