I realize there is already a similar thread but it happens to be locked.

I never had reaction like this to a glass of wine before. Once I became extremely tired and I felt as if though I will slip into coma. I am talking about rigor mortis here. At other occasions my heart was beating real fast right after drinking a glass of wine. I guess alcohol lowers blood pressure but never before did I have a reaction of this magnitude. I guess people can change after all. Also, before fast heart rate or becoming catatonic for that matter I feel something strange in my head for a moment or two like e.g. in my nape. I have to wonder whether or not it is like so because I use Olanzapine (neuroleptic drug) for over a decade now. But my psychiatrist tells me one has nothing to do with the other, in that this drug is innocent and wrongfully accused by my ignorance. But I still can’t shake off the feeling that some people react differently to certain drugs and that this drug is partially responsible for this latest loss of my happiness as now I am afraid to take a sip even from a glass of beer.

Thanks in advance if you can shed additional light on this matter or had similar experience. After all, misery loves company.