Nine companies, among which are Sacred Mountain Management Inc.,, Melvin Williams, Iceland Health Inc., PolyCil Health Inc., PRB Pharmaceuticals Inc., Chozyn LLC, and Healthworks 2000, have been warned about the making false claims regarding flu products and given 15 days to respond.

These companies have been claiming to sell products that “kill the virus” or serve as "a natural virus shield" although these statements haven’t been scientifically proven nor is their safety and effectiveness known. FDA has warned them to stop selling the remedies for bird flu and other forms of influence as they can cause more harm than good.

FDA's acting commissioner says that the use of unproven flu cures and treatments could increase the risk of catching and spreading the flu rather than lessening it because people assume they are protected and safe although they aren't.

FDA warns the consumers to be careful what they buy and to avoid the products that make such unproven claims. More warnings are announced against other companies in the future.