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Iv been feeling cold all the time, very tired, lightheadedness, and last week I had the most unusual feeling in my head, I was on my way up my driveway, and I had such an intense presure from ear to ear through the core of my head, no pain just intense pressure, or squeeze. it lasted but a moment and hasnt happened since and it was so much that I dropped something from my hand that I had been holding. what could this possibly mean?



what you experienced sounds to me most like your blood pressure has dropped. This is by far the most often cause for sort of, close to blacking out - sometimes even blacking out - events. Low, rarely higher, blood sugar level might also be responsible, as well as, more often n women, iron deficiency anemia. Either of these can be easily detected by simple test, given that you see the doctor.

Usually, if it's low blood pressure, there is no medication treatment, just monitoring and few dietary changes. Salty snack or cup of coffee raise your blood pressure, so you can try this if you experience something similar again. Iron deficiency anemia is treated with iron supplements, but only after iron deficiency is confirmed.