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I'm 13.5 years old, and have been feeling generally unwell. The main thing is feeling dizzy & tired, and simple tasks like bending over and walking make me quite tired. I am also losing my appetite a bit and am suffering more from coughs & colds than usual. What might be causing this?


Hello Olivia,

Given your age, you may have hormonal problems.  Is your period on time?  Do you have heavy periods and perhaps a fair amount of clotting?  This can make you have a deficiency in iron.  This would make you very tired and being very tired can make you lose your appetite.  You might need a B12 shot and some iron supplements to boost you back up.  Youre weakness can also generate a weak immune system making you susceptible to recurring infections.  If this isn't the problem you may be carrying a low grade infection causing all these symptoms.  The only way to know for sure is to visit your doctor and have a blood test done to find out the exact problem is.