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soo ive been having unprotected sex sins April 6,2011.i didnt worry because i wouldnt mind a beautiful child.April 25 had some  birthday loving aswell.April 27-May 2 had my normal 5 day period.May 6 /May 19 unprotected sex again.Was Suposed to get mi period May 30.During the mid month of May i felt a bit neauseas.June 3rd took a hpt,BIG NEGATIVE!! was kinda disappointed,&& had sex that same day,asweel as June 10.had very lite bleeding June 16 && 17.Sex again on June 21/27,28,29,30(twice in the day).All throuout the month of july i felt not myself.i had thots of beein pregnant.July 3rd had sex again.July 17 had pinckish lite bleeding till 19.July 24 had nausea and started lower back ache.July 29 had sex once again.July 30 was supposed to get my period,didnt worry at all.infact didnt even remember!!lol.July 31 had heart burn/pain late at nite and culdnt sleep.Aug 2/4/5 /17/19/23 had sex again.At the begining of this month and a while before, headaches,nausea, dizzynes,and vomiting hit me hard.ive had sore tingly boobs frequentt urination occured at the beggining of july as well.throughout theses 4 months.i have taken 3 hpts and have been negative.i have missed all 4 periods and feel pregnant til this day,9/6/ planning on taking another home pregnancy test one of these days.

im sorry for all thesee dates and tmi.i just hope somebody can help or have any advise.

i would really appreciatee it.thanxx


First question, is are your periods always right on time? Sometimes stress, change in diet and other changes in your life can affect your cycle. The mind is a very powerful thing, and this can affect your cycle as well. There is one other option, and I don't mean to scare you, but sometimes ectopic pregnancies will not show positive on a HPT. (I know, it's happened to me..) I would get the first possible appointment with your doctor and get a blood test, and an exam, to make sure that this is not the case. It is very important to get this checked, so that you have no damage to your tubes, should you want to try in the future.