Over a year ago I had a root canal-on tooth 13, RIGHT by my sinuses, which I thought went fine. Fast forward to last month and my upper gums, sinus below nose, tooth area feel weird. After dentist X-ray I had an infection and absess. Started antibiotics...nothing changed. Finally got in to an endodontist, had root canal therapy, fixed the root, cleaned it said I was all good-with ANOTHER round of stronger antibiotics. So now fast forward another week...and my tooth is I guess ok, but I'm constantly feeling the weird sinus pressure above my tooth on the left side. Like a stinging in my nose and stuffed up. Thick saliva in my throat I'm always coughing up. The dentist said it could take 6 months to feel normal...but I'm going crazy!!!! It's causing me to obsess over my tooth and sinus pressure and I can't function like I should...anyone relate?!!!!