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I was choking on a piece of chicken, couldn't get it to go down so I tried vomiting it up. When it finally came up with the contents of my stomach it was filled with bright red blood. My throat still feels as if something is stuck in it, very painful swallowing saliva, won't even attempt food. I tried chloraseptic hoping it would numb it, didn't. What damage could I have done? How can I relieve this pain and discomfort? Thanks for any helpful suggestions.


Hello there,

You have probably damaged your throat or the bone has made a little cut so now you have feeling that something is still in there. Unfortunately you will have to wait this to heal on its own. You can consult with your doctor but I doubt there is anything he can do, it is very sensitive and unreachable area.

In the future when you are eating chew your food at least 20 times before swallowing it. This is good for your diet as well because by doing this your brain will have enough time to send information to your stomach when to stop eating because it is full.

And avoid reading and watching television while eating because distraction as well can be cause of chocking.