Im writting this to help anyone with the withdrawal symptoms of suboxone and other opiates as well as determining the right path to take in my eyes. I've been on suboxone for almost 4 years now, do to oxycontin/ percs/opiates. Let me start from the beginning. I've had a lot of serious injuries do mostly to being a crazy ass in my younger years, motorcycle accidents/motocross/ and mma training. So after i had serious back and knee surgerys amongst other injuries/surgeries, all before i was 21 years old. my doc was just feeding me percs and oxycontins and not before long i had developed a major dependence on the pain killers. And started buying them illegaly. So i told my doctor im ready to move on and get off clean with a straight head. The biggest mistake i had made was listening to his addvice to see a suboxone/methadone "dr".  my first sub/methadone specialist started me at 30 mgs of subs per day, she said i will be clean off everything within six months.  The bigest thing she didn't metion is that subs and methadone were just as addictive as your percs/oxys and most other opiates. my decision to take this new hopeful sounding path was my biggest mistake.  I want to make this very clear, i've been through about 5 different subs/methadone specialist. The biggest thing to each and every one of them was making sure you come in every month and pay them$250-$350 per month and get your monthly script, cause almost all health insurance companies do not cover suboxone/mdone doctor visits nor the pills/films costs at the pharmacy your looking at about $225-$300 in your meds for a 30 tabs/films so your lookin at about 500-$650 per month for the scripts and the meds. these doctors and pharm companys are all about the $$$$ the longer they keep you on the subs/methadone is there goal.  I've withdrawled off of doing 160mg of OCs per day took about 4-6 days before feeling better , and ive also withdrawled off of 4mgs perday of suboxone, The feeling felt about the same as the oc withdrawl but took about twice as long about 10-12days before i felt any better.  Suboxone is a terrible drug and most the people who perscribe it are terrible people.  Take a word of advice withdrawl from oxy/percs.etc. try not to get into the suboxone and if so you should demand a low dosage maybe 4mgs perday and dont stay on for more than a few months.  There are many newspaper articles stating how terrible subs and methadone are. tradin one for another basically.  Colonidine and if you can your hands on some xanax low dosage it will help you get through the withdrawl. And try to stay active and seperate your self from anyone who still use even if theyre good friends, because if you stay around them and around the drug scene you will most likely get addicted again even if you just takje 1 perc 30 a couple weeks after withdrawl, it will throw you right back into withdrawl.