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I have had a 102.8 temp for two days now accompanied by a clear watery discharge, migraine, abdominal pain, and a soar throat. Do you have any suggestions? I have been using tylenol, motrin, alka seltzer flu, and benadryl alternating. Nothing seems to be helping. I have also been taking some amoxicilion that I had left over thinking I was contracting my daughters strep that she had 3weeks ago. I know that is a no no but the $ is tight here. Please help.


It could be just a stomach virus. You didn’t say much about this watery discharge, is it like diarrhea? If it is, it is even more likely stomach virus. They are usually self limited and your symptoms may be gone in just a few weeks.

I have had recently similar symptoms although without the sore throat. I was very down, with low energy levels, had diarrhea, headache and stomach pain. It was awful. I had to stay in bed for 4 days and drink eat and eat toast.

I am not sure that any drugs would help in this. You just need to rest, drink liquids and take Tylenol just to decrease temperature, muscle pain and feel less fatigue.

If the condition persists for longer than just few days, you should see a doc.

Anyway, I always see a doctor first since I have been diagnosed with pneumonia twice with having similar symptoms.