I am 45 and perimenapausal for the past year or so. I have been running a small fever (not over 100.4) for the past week. I feel a little achey but really just not myself as a fever can do. I get chills and then at night (I've taken a NyQuil before bed) I will wake up sweating. I think "yea! I'm breaking my fever" but when I wake up in the morning and start getting ready for work, I feel like I've got a small fever again . . . and I do. My boss is pushing for me to go see a doctor, and I just can't justify spending $200 to have them say . . . drink plenty of fluids, take it easy, get plenty of rest and let it run its course!! If I had other symptoms I'd be more inclined to go see a doctor. But I'm not sniffing, sneezing, coughing, no swollen glands, no vomiting or unusual potty issues. Is this just another joy of going through "the change"? The hot flashes are such a treat, I never thought the chills and fever would be part of it. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!