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I had uterine fibroid embolization in my mid pregnant soon after. Two miscarriages and the third pregnancy went to term My one and only son. Since then, I have had pain in my lower right side abdomen and lower back mainly after relieving a full bladder in the morning. I went to my OBGYN and had an internal ultrasound done and was told I have a few new fibroids but other than that I'm in good health. Could this pain be from a fibroid pressing on my bladder or could it be something with my kidney's, pancreas, or liver??? I'm 43 now and occasionally drink alot of caffeine....Does caffeine affect any ot these organs?



It is very unfortunate to read such stories. You really had problems and to have two miscarriages is really unfortunate. Now the thing is that in my opinion you might have problems with your kidneys. Have any of the doctors checked for kidney stones or maybe some kidney infection? Caffeine can influence many parts of your body but I am not sure that it can influence your urinary system in this amount. You have to have some underlying condition that is making all the problems. How long have you been having this problem? What kind of medications have you been using? Could your medication have caused you to lose your first two pregnancies?

I hope that this helped a bit.