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Does clomid gives false possitive hpt ?
I have a 1 cm tumer ( fibroid ) is there a chance that it increases while using clomid ?
Does pregnancy help tumers ( fibriods )goes bad ?
Is there a chance that the tumer turns to be a cancer? How long does it take ?
How Often should I visit my doctor to check my fibroid ?

My doctor said that I have a fibriod, I went to another docor to make sure the doctor laughed and said where is the fibriod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who should I believe?


I don't know anything about clomid, but from what you've stated you have a very small fibroid. I assume it is in your uterus, since you asked about pregnancy? They sometimes grow in pregnancy, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will cause a problem. Growth can sometimes cause other symptoms, but it won't turn cancerous.