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I have a few questions in regards to the first prenatal care visit. I am pretty far along in my pregnancy and still have not been seen for my first prenatal care due to not having health insurance and trying to get it. Anyway, I had my first prenatal care appointment scheduled for yesterday (Tues, 9/23) and went to it. When I got called in by the nurse, I asked her if the pap smear and bloodwork would be required, and I didn't even get to finish asking her the question when she started nodding her head looking irritated. I didn't feel comfortable talking to that nurse after that because she acted a bit rude and didn't understand where I was coming from. I explained to her about my religion (spiritual) and our beliefs and she probably didn't believe or care about a word I said. She told me that the clinic is medicine based with medicine beliefs and I didn't feel comfortable with that because I've never taken medicine in my life nor seen a doctor (due to our religion and our beliefs). So she gave me a number to a midwife clinic and I called them up right after I got home and scheduled an appointment with them. I now have to wait yet another week and a half (appt. is scheduled for Oct. 3, err). I don't like waiting so long because I know its not healthy and I should be receiving prenatal care as soon as possible, but it is hard to find a place that will do a sliding scale, has availability, and will work with my beliefs. I was wondering if anyone out there would happen to know if the pap smear and bloodwork is required or not? I would prefer not to have any of that done because pregnancy is such a natural thing and God has a plan for everyone... what's meant to be will always find a way, we don't have to mess with what's not broken so why bother doing all these test work and samples when pregnancy is supposed to be a natural process? It would be great if someone could help me out and let me know the answer to this if anyone happens to know... I'm very nervous about my upcoming appt. because I don't know what to expect and I don't want to end up waiting another week and a half only to find out that I may HAVE to get the pap smear and blood work done....grrr... :-( >;)


No one can MAKE you have anything done that you don't want to. Regardless of what they tell you it is not mandatory... the pregnancy does not depend on those two things. They ARE however strongly recommended. The pap smear allows the doctor to see if there are any diseases you are carrying that your baby could end up with. The blood work assesses for maternal nutrition (which in turn gives a fair idea of babies nutrition) and can assess for abnormalities.

Whatever you choose, know that the testing is incredibly insightful and very VERY useful.. but babies have been born for thousands of years without them. Good luck.