During a routine health check my GP suggested I was also long overdue for a Pap smear and HPV test.

The whole procedure was pretty painless and I forgot all about it until the following week when my GP asked me to come in for another appointment. Apparently . She arranged for me to see a gynaecologist a few days after where they examined me further. The gynaecologist saw all my medical results and gave to me a treatment with Cervugid Ovules (pessaries) 3 boxes first and another 3 boxes after 7 months and said to me if the treatment does’t work we have to do a procedure. After this treatment , 8 months later at my follow up examination with the gynaecologist I had another Pap smear and the results were all clear. It all happened so fast but I am so grateful to my GP. Now I make sure I have regular Pap smears.