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I have a pounding in my right ear when I exercise. I notice that it stops when I look up, put pressure on my right artery, or stop exercising. So I know its from increased blood flow thats making the noise. I had a lump near my right carotid artery at the same time so I thought that might be it. I went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound of only my right carotid artery. It came back fine. Now I am worried. I read that if an artery is narrowing it would make the other local arteries pump more blood thus making that noise. Wouldnt it make sense that if my left carotid artery was narrowing that it would make noise in my right ear? Or are they talking about how if say my right internal artery is narrowing more would flow through the right external artery and not the left side?

I also had a lump near my right artery so I had a cat scan of my neck. Would they have checked for narrowing arteries or are they just focused on lumps and masses?

I am so nervous I am going to have a stroke or something at any second. My parents say its nothing(I dont blame them because I have major anxiety and have been to many doctors, but none have checked my left carotid artery) . So to put my mind at some ease I tell myself " that if my left artery was seriously blocked that I would be having this thumping noise even without exercise?" Does this sound reasonable or should it only make the noise when exercising?




OK, your right carotid was clear and a you had a cat scan of your neck. The doctors are usually pretty thorough when reviewing the cat scan and usually it is also reviewed by a technician. More eyes = better results.

Odds are very good that at 20 your arteries are in good shape. If your right carotid was clear then I would expect the same in your left, barring any congenital condition. I would expect that they would have noticed that in your cat scan though.

What was the finding on the lump?

How is your blood pressure? Did the doctor check it while you were exercising?

There is no reason to think you are going to have a stroke. I sometimes notice a thumping sound in my ear when I'm working hard too so it could be normal.

Keep us posted.