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I have suddenly (within the past 3 months) noticed at my work (mostly) that my eyes become red and I can see the little capillaries in them when I'm here. (This problem seemed to have started when I began working here) My sinuses all seem to become irritated as well, and I can't seem to figure out why. I have never had my eyes get irritated like this before, and it bothers me becuz it is not very attractive to have your eyes real red. I was wondering if anyone could give me any solutions or advice? What do you think? (Also, I do a lot of work on the computer here)...could be eye strain, but I'm on the computer a lot in general and it seems at work is when I have the most problems.

Thank you


hi, could be a couple of causes for the irritation, certainly excesive use of a vdu screen can cause reddening and soreness, as well as headaches, to avoid this ensure you take regular breaks away from the screen and make a conscious effort to blink regularly - sounds daft i know but when you concentrate you blink less. secondly do you have an air conditioning unit situated nearby? this could cause irritation by drying the eyes out (again keep up the blinking) and causing allergens to be circulated at a more concentrated level, a solution to this is to ensure a supply of fresh air and try a gentle eye drop solution. other causes are possible such as an allergy to something else in the environment such as a colleagues perfume, room spray etc but this would normally be accompanied with snuffly nose, sneezing and skin problems. obviously if the problem doesn't clear up i would reccomend seeing your family doctor. hope this helps.