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eh I to have experienced at times flashes of light in my peripheral vision, normally in my left eye, but just recently in my right.

o.O At first I thought it was like a sign from above, like God was trying to tell me something, like a visit from an angel or something, so I would just pause for a second and think, but, you know science usually has an explanation for everything, nothing just happens, there’s a scientific reason for everything, so, after doing some research on the matter, I’ve found that it could be happening due to my eating habits, long periods of looking at the computer screen, iron deficiency, it could be some sort of detachment my retina or pupil, or cornea, or something like that is going on in my eye, so I’m going to go get it checked out asap. !  

The first couple times I was like, WTF!, but I’m used to it now, it started happening about 6 months ago, it’s happening more often, in dark or well lit areas, night or day, I do look at a computer screen most of my day at work, my eyes do get irritated pretty easily, usually when I walk in to a wall-mart, in very dry air, my vision has been blurry at times, like a night if I’m driving and the stop lights and car headlights, street lights will look pretty cloudy, like a haze or that particular color, its spooky, makes me a little nerves, but it goes a away.

With your eye issues, good luck, and God Bless  :-)



I an working at a Ophthalmology office. Patients with flashes are being seeing the same day as emergency. I hope you went to seek medical attention. Retinal or Vitreous detachments should be treated right away.