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I have several major health problems and take many pills to keep me going  but for the last 10 days I have had a new symptom the best way to describe it would be to emagin the worst flu you ever had and you can feel every heart beat shoot through your body  thats the sensation I have 24-7 can be miled and then very sever but I have no other symptons of  having the Flue  I went to the er at the local hospital but they said there was nothing they could do they did bloods and x- rays nothing showed up except my mussel emzines readings were way up  any Ideas.


An update to my problem  It was the tablets I was taking for high colestrol  that was making me sick  I had a 4 hour consult with a spescialist Dr he had me stop all my colestrol medication  It could have killed me I did and that flu symptom stopped after about 6 days  He then told me that I have 3 differant autoimune desiese  that are attacing my nerv system and thats why I am in so much pain  If anything else shows up I will post again Cheers