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Im 17 years old and i used to be completely normal my foreskin wasn't tight or anything pulled it back probably when i was about 13 no problems ever getting it past the head last year i got a sickness and something down there got messed up my foreskin got very tight while i had this sickness i was in the hospital when i got out i thought nothing of it thinking it would loosen up and be fine after a few weeks of stretching it pulled back far enough for me too see what was going on there is a skin bridge all way around my foreskin connecting it to the head i can pull my foreskin back and see about a quarter or more of my glans its been a year of me trying to do anything pulling it as hard as you can and it wont even budge ive tried softening it doing everything im worried that the entire foreskin is glued to the head and not that its just that one little strip i know its more then that probably have to have a urologist look at it? im just hoping i wont have to get a circumcision otherwise i guess ill just have to live with it


I was in the hospital for two months a few years ago. During that whole time, I did not retract my foreskin. When I got home and started to retract it again, I really had a huge load of smegma, however I did not have any adhesions.

It sounds as though you have formed some adhesions which is a bit weird. If you can't break them yourself, then a urologist can do it. It is called "lysing". But be careful when you visit a urologist. Many of them want to sell you a circumcision whether you need it or not. You see, urologists make lots of money doing circumcisions so they like to do them. You do not need a circumcision. You just need to have the adhesions lysed. If he offers you a circumcision be sure to tell him NO.