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I'm 26 and a virgin. Yeah, think what you want of that. Further more I am uncircumcised and would like to stay that way.

One of the more physical aspects of my body contributing to the neurosis that maintain my virginity is my foreskin. See, during an erection it won't retract fully and only moves about a third of the way down my glans.

Phimosis I think this is called?

I find I can masturbate easily without having to retract it at all.

I can also retract it easily when my penis is flaccid however, to clean behind it etc.

But my foreskin is longer than average, so I am left wondering if it's not a case of it being too tight, but rather there being a lot more to retract?

I would like to eventually try sex [before 30 please for crying out loud]. Especially as more recently my social life is improving and women actually pay me attention.

However, it's gotten to the point where several [not all at once, though I wish] have wanted to either go back to mine or take me back to their place if you know what I mean and the issue of my problem is always at the forefront of my mind. This results in me making excuses and missing out on potential sex.

My GP told me that my tight foreskin could only be fixed through circumcision and that steroid creams wouldn't work. He also told me that sex is possible without having to retract the foreskin.

Also that you could have sex with an unretracted foreskin whilst wearing a condom.

This isn't really a comfort though. What happens if your partner wants to go down on you and give you oral sex? A mouth full of foreskin isn't a nice thing to present, but surely there are alternatives to getting circumcised?

I don't want to lose the sensitivity and the prospect of having a glans as tough as shoe leather doesn't appeal to me.

As a side note, when I spoke to my GP, this was an 8.30 appointment on a Friday, in an NHS centre and he didn't bother to look at my penis.

I am left confused and scared about having sex now knowing that I have to get mutilated to go about it.

Thus, I am seeing a proper urologist - however I am wondering if they'll say the same thing?

Can't I just get the extra bit of foreskin that covers the metus of my glans as if to form a little spout shortened?

My GP went as far as to say that everyone is different which sort of contradicted his evaluation. Is circumcision truly the only option?

If everyone is different why couldn't he just have a look. That's his job isn't it?



when i was little i tried pulling it back and it sorta stung so i never did again, but now that i have the option of sex im starting to realise how important it is. for a start i dont squirt, it sorta dribbles out lol. so that cd cause problems in getting my chosen partner pregnant. and my foreskin can only be pulled back about a third of the way. im in my teens around the average age for sex, i have a girlfreind and i think im just going to say "ah to hell with the embarisment, if u dont like it then suck on it" :-P im going to go for it and see if its pleasurable. it cant be painful because although the foreskin cant go all the way back , it doesnt seem to hurt no matter how much pressure i put on it. anyway if i can be bothered ill post to say whether sex is gd with this problem of having a tight foreskin. good luck to all you guys with the same problem. YOUR NOT ALONEx


I have the same exact problem, but I'm a couple years younger and pretty much a virgin (had a little bit of sexual interaction/foreplay but no intercourse) and gay.  I have found that there are ways to keep the foreskin covering the head, and if that's the way you can get pleasure, I don't see any reason not to.  Yes, it's different from what a lot of people are used to, but if the girl is really into you, I don't think she'll be turned off by foreskin.  A mouth full of foreskin doesn't seem like it would be any less pleasant than a mouth full of bare head, lol.  The problem is we live in a society where we're used to circumcision, so that affects most people's perception of sex, but as long as a person is open-minded, she can adjust to your needs and just enjoy giving you pleasure.  But sex with foreskin not retracted isn't any less hot or pleasurable, I would think; being uncircumsized is our natural state, so obviously sex is very possible that way.


Hi More Coffee:

There are three possible causes of non-retractile foreskin.

1. the tip is too narrow to pass back over the glans.

2. the frenulum is too short to permit complete retraction.

3. the foreskin is adhering to the glans.

Each one requires different corrective action and none require circumcision.

Be careful of urologists. They make a lot of money doing circumcisions and are quick to recommend a circumcision when other conservative measures are possible.

Try to diagnose the reason your foreskin won't retract and that will tell you what you need to do.


I have a very long foreskin too. Almost every Dr wanted me to be circumcised from when I was 9 till I was 18. My parents would not let them. My foreskin now will go all the way back but I was almost 20 till it did. I did some stretching exercises for about a year and that helped. Your normal