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For a while i found that my foreskin didn't pull back. However after a few experiences with sex I've found it to have loosened a little bit. I tried pulling it back again and eventually managed it however now it won't go forward again. This is very sensitive at the moment and is extremely difficult to where clothes etc as it rubs. the skin appears red which is most likely to do with the stretching but would like to know if this is a problem that is likely to correcYout itself or not...Thank You.


I have been discussing with my wife alot on mmf threesum.we have been doing it in our fantasy dirty talk for 6years. Now i want to try it for real. She said she would really enjoy it but she is scared of the guilt that will follow and religous reasons.she says she might not be able to have a satisfying sex again after that.
Please advice how i can get her over this