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hi, im 14 years old and my foreskin wont go back!.

I have recently bben in hospital with a suspected testicular taution but it wasn't and as the doctors look to c if it was ok none of them said anything was wrong when i said it doesn't go back.

it scares me becuase when i have sex then what will my firlfreind think about me? my foreskin dont go back so im worried about that too. i wrry alot but i hope you can answer my question- Is it ok if it does'nt go back???

i have troubles with pulling it back please please please please please REPLY ASAP need to no im worrying my pants off o.O


At age 14, you still have a bit of development yet to go.

That is probably why the doctor's did not over-react to your concerns that the foreskin will not retract.

However, there are several ways that this can be treated.
They range from circumcision, to a dorsal slit, to a gentle stretching over time, to nothing at all.

Frankly, I'd start with gentle repeated stretching of the foreskin, but I would also wait until you're about three years older before you worry about this and consider surgery.