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Hi everyone. I'm 15 years old & I learned about smegma and how you should retract the foreskin on a regular basis a couple months ago. When attempting to clean the smegma I pulled back the foreskin & it got stuck behind the head of my penis. I panicked and pinched the two sides of my foreskin and roughly pulled it up. From then on I've been trying to ignore pulling back my foreskin but I think it's time I man up. My foreskin is pretty tight I think and I want it to be clean and retractable especially because in a few years I don't want to have problems during sexual intercourse. I've been able to retract the foreskin pretty easily the past few days when I do not have an erection and been able to clean some smegma off. I'm pretty sure there is a lot more since I haven't gone passed the head because of the fear that it will get stuck again. It is hard for me to retract the foreskin at all when the penis is erect so I need some help. Also when I clean smegma off it is pretty hard to get off is there any way to get it off easily, I just try and scrape it off with my fingers which can take a lot of time. I know this question has been repetitive for a long time now but I don't know what to do and how I should handle this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 


Hi Annon,

It's normal up to about age 16 to have a tight foreskin.  Start stretching it.

You can use your fingers to pry the opening OR you can get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so the head expands the opening.  Do it as often as you can, don't hurt yourself, and don't force it back.  Just go at your own pace.  There may be a little discomfort however and the head will be sensitive.  This is NORMAL.

Once you get your foreskin to retract you'll find it MUCH easier to clean the smegma.  You can get it in the shower easily with just a wash cloth.