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I have been reading many things about this like how its probably because I have a tight frenulum or tight foreskin, like the opening is very tight. So its probably a little of both for me. But my question is that ive been reading that you can fix this by doing daily stretchings, and that buying some kind of topical steroid ointment like hydrocortizone and applying it while your doing the stretches can be really helpful. Well i just found out about the ointment part like two days ago, so I tried it, but theres one problem. I literally cant get a grip of my penis, its all slippery because of the ointment, so I cant even gently put my finger into the opening to start the stretching. So I decided to get into the tub with warm water and then I was able to grip it, but im pretty sure thats because some of the ointment washed off and I dont want that. Can someone plz help me.

Thank You


Dear Helpme315,

You are learning the first rule about home cures...
they are more for your mind than the condition.

Yes, it's very difficult to grip anything that has been coated with an ointment or glaze or lube.

Yes, there is a treatment that involves gentle stretching OVER TIME. It can make things more loose and able to stretch more.
However, there is no evidence that you need a topical steroid. Plus, in the USA, these things cannot be sold over the counter without a doctor's script or prescription.

So, I'm not sure where you got the idea, or even where you bought this stuff, but I think you have wasted your money.

however, you might continue with the gentle regular stretching exercises to lengthen and loosen things up a bit.

If this does not yield results over a half year, you will want to see a doctor and confide in him what you desire and what you have done.
At that point, he may advise you on how to improve your stretching OR suggest alternatives. But first, give yourself ample time to stretch gently and slowly.

good luck.


Same in the UK if your over here.