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Im 25, and Have been sexually active since 16. Ive slept with a number of woman. my foreskin has retracted during sex, but its very uncomfortable and actually hurt sometimes so i stop, and try get it forward again anyway only about 9 months ago did i find out that an uncut male foreskin should retract. I then realised i suffered from mild Phimosis. i bought a cure for home use which worked a little but not much. I have managed to retract my foreskin once, when flaccid but it got stuck after about 30 mins i managed to get it forward. When im erect, there is no chance of it retracting.
Ive been to see my doctor who prescribed betamethasone 1%. i used that for 2-3 weeks while stretching. and still nothing.

Im now at my witsend and now seriously considering alteration (circumcision) I DONT want to do that though.
Has anyone had this issue, can anyone help desperate to keep my foreskin.

stretching and creams dont seem to be working.
(btw i started stretching in December, its now mid June)

Please give me advice.


It sounds like you've been doing your research.
That's good.

You've also been trying alternatives.
That's good. But you've also discovered that most items you purchase don't work.

Stretching might, but it's a long road.

You've talked with your doctor and he's given you something to help with the pain of stretching. Good.

But still you're thinking of circumcision.

I'm surprised that your doctor hasn't mentioned a "dorsal slit" instead of circumcision.
Ask them next time you see them if this isn't a half step short of complete circumcision.


Thanks for your message.

Yeah, ive done alot of research (8 Months of it haha)

Ive researched alot, and also about the dorsal slit.
its not very keen on the eye though. If im going to have an operation then I might aswell have the whole 9 yards.

Doctors in the UK want you in and out of their office as quick as possible. (I think you are allocated five minutes per session...thats free medical for you)

Ive decided that im going to give it one more month with extensive stretching and using the cream again, if that doesnt work then I will have to go to the extreme.

If anyone has advice on a better way to avoid it, or stretching techniques they used that worked, Im all ears!


Didn't realize you had checked out the "dorsal slit" already.

I still think this might be a better solution than a complete circumcision, as many man are now expressing regret that they had the one-way procedure done, (or done to them before they could object as an infant).

As for a short five minute interview with the doctor, I would insist that you get as long as it takes to address your problem or concern.
And if you aren't satisfied after 5 minutes, then I'd find another doctor or reschedule.


I didn't realise my foreskin went back until I was 16, when the doctor pulled it back.

I had partial phimosis (tight foreskin when erect)

I am now 25 and through sexual experience, masturbation and pulling the foreskin back slightly further every now and again, when erect, it is not as tight as it was.


Hi all, I am 26 and Uncut, I am masturbating from the age of 15... but i masturbate with covered foreskin and i hav not seen my glan a year year back wen i was masturbating suddenly the foreskin rolled back and got stuck behind the Glan ..i cannot push it forward to normal day the foreskin which rolled back hav swollen big..and i went to a surgeon he used some gel and mannually brought the foreskin to normal position and he told i hav tight foreskin and recommended circ.. but i dont want to go for circumsition. and today i went to a sexologist he examined me and he pulled back my foreskin and pushed forward to normal position in flaccid state at this time my glan was very sensitive. he asked me to practice.. wen i practiced in flaccid i can able to slide back easily but cant pull it forward to normal position..i have to struggle hard..the doctor told the foreskin is infolded behind the glan and he told i have to practice this stretching for one month .. he said after these stretch if ther is no improvement we can go for circ... can u pls anyone tell wats my exact prob.. he told me 2 weeks practice in flaccid and 2 weeks practic in erect..but i am scared that i cant do this wen i am erect.. pls tel me wats my prob and will this prob affect my sexual life...pls



Please read the response in the other thread where you posted this.

It's been addressed there.