(I don't know how familiar people here are with certain abbreviations, but DPO is days past ovulation, and DPT is days past transfer. I went through IVF, so the exact ovulation date is known.)

We went through IVF and the retrieval was the 8th, my 28th birthday!, and the transfer on the 11th. Cause of my infertility is damage to my fallopian tubes after I was hit by a car, not natural infertility. Since my relatives are hyperfertile (having four kids by 21 is pretty common, unfortunately, and the most any of my relatives have is 18, the doctor was confident that these embryos would probably take. I had sharp cramps and sore boobs and could never get full, not matter how much I ate, nausea like crazy, and was more tired than I've ever been when not sick. I decided to jump the gun and do an HPT (EPT) on 8DPO/5DPT. Not surprisingly, it was a BFN. I wanted so badly to see a BFN on a test I peed on, even if it was from the trigger. So I did the second text in the box on Thursday, 10DPO/7DPT, and another BFN. Throughout the day I began to not feel PG anymore. Yesterday (11DPO/8DPT) I took a First Reponse test and it was a BFN. Today (12DPO/9DPT) I took a Clear Blue digital, and another BFN. As if to tease me, yesterday's test shows a faint second line. Without his contracts, my far-sighted SO saw the second line easily. *sigh*

I have one more Clear Blue digital, and one more First Reponse, and I'll take one tomorrow and the other on Monday morning before my beta.

The nausea is gone (except nausea by nerves), and today I have no appetite. I get a sharp pinching cramp every now and then, and I think the exhaustion is more mental at this point. My boobs ache a little bit still, but oddly my nipple itch like hell. My nipples are actually what's sore, and they're like rocks. I'm surprised they can't be seen through my thick sweater and jacket.

Realistically what are the chances I could be pregnant? I can't handle this anxiety. My SO is young (turned 26 two weeks ago), but bless him, he's doing all he can to shield me from stress and pampering me and is refusing to let me get wasted because he's holding on to some hope. After dealing with infertility for nine years, I just don't feel hope. I know "it's happened", but does it happen often enough that an HPT gives a negative 12DPO/9DPT and a positive beta two days later, or should I still have hope too? I want blunt answers, not sugar-coated. Thanks.