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Hi There, 

I have read so many uplifting experiences of a successful pregnancy and I am so happy for all of you.  My heart goes out to everyone who is going through what we all are going through.  But right now, I am going through my own ordeal and could not find anyone who is going through the same experience...I have no symptoms at all.  Is it the obvious? i had 5day early blast 3 embies fair quality transfered.  That I am not pregnant. Or is there still a possibility and that I just need to wait until my HCG appt.  I have read everyone's experience and their symptoms, but none on someone who had no symptoms but was pregnant.  I have read and searched all forums but found no information on my experience. I had 3 failed ivf. one transfer was done day3 i had all the sysmptoms, sore boobs, cramps fq urination but BFN. rest 2 cycle no transfer as they were poor quailty. My only fourth cycle my embies could make it to early blast. nothing to freeze toh. 


good luck, i am going through ivf and hope all works this time. my 4th round.