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Even though my doc told me not to use HPT tests and just to wait for the beta test, I was too scared that I’m getting my period since I have somewhat heavy cramping and this morning I also noticed some brownish spotting. HPT was negative and it’s been nine days since I had the embryo transfer. This is my second time trying IVF and since the first one ended in miscarriage at only 5 weeks, I’m getting more and more worried that embryo just can’t get implanted into my uterus. I’m also on progesterone and I know that might be contributing to period like symptoms, but the spotting is worrying me because I’m not sure is it even possible to have implantation spotting when you have IVF? I don’t know should I try the HPT test again or not, it was too disappointing to see the first one negative.


Hi Guest,

You're testing VERY early.  Pregnancy tests are not immediate.  They often take AT LEAST two weeks, if not longer, to show a positive result.  It takes time for the hCG levels to rise high enough to be detected.

It is possible the spotting is the result of implantation. 

As hard as it is right now you need to wait a bit.

Good luck.