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hey guys

Im new around here

Im someone with history of panic attacks , anxiety + stress,

I recently 1 week ago started to have this weird Left swollen TONSIL / LUMP in the throat feeling

I want to check if anyone had that before???

My symptoms are.

1.feeling of having a Lump behind my LEFT tonsil + swollen feeling(no irritation pain...)
2.lump in the throat
3.lump in the tonsil that seems to move to the throat from time to time....
4.sometimes i need to clear up my throat to make ''space''
so i burp , or i just reverse my swallowing motion to get my throat ''FREE''....
5.No sore throat fever...
7.the minute i drink water i feel it again

Yesterday i had this feeling of lump in the throat + left tonsil swollen
for more than 4 hours non stop
and it's been lasting for 2 days in a row now that it comes & go.......

Does anyone had that before????

it isn't staying 100% of the time so i am not paniking but .. when the lump feeling stays there for a good 10 20 mins i start to breath harder by the mouth and = doesn't help it at all....



Sometimes it IS a sign of anxiety. But it can also be what is called a tonsil stone. It's mucus and food crud that collects in the tonsil folds and hardens. I've only had one but one of my sisters gets one or two a month. My doctor says his wife has them even more frequently. What I did was swish with mouthwash and then take the round end of my toothbrush and gently! push at the swollen area. DO NOT over do or you might choke on whatever crud is there. Try coughing and clearing your throat while doing this.