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There have been numerous studies done on freshly squeezed juices and all have shown health results :)

Some of the reasons for consuming freshly squeezed juices are:

More absorption: Drinking your fruits and vegetables lets you absorb up to 80% more of the nutrients.

More fruits and vegetables: Juicing allows you to pack more fruits into your day thus helping your health.

Makes you feel good, lighter and energized

Promotes weight loss – when eating fruits, you don’t need any sugar and can kick start your metabolism without the calories

Helps you concentrate

They are a tremendous source of enzymes. Enzymes produce energy and are essential for digesting, absorbing and converting food into body tissue.

Fruits and vegetables are said to protect the body from diseases as cancer and heart disease. Some are high in substances called anti-oxidants, such as beta carotene, Vitamins C and E and selenium, which are nutrients that protect cell membranes from the damage of free radicals.
By blending and squeezing fruits and vegetables to make juices and smoothies, we break down the fibers to release the trapped nutrients.

Juices should be drunk right away or 10 minutes THE MOST after juicing. It is because of the oxygen in air that will "oxidize" and damage the juice.

My favorite squeezed juice recipe is:

Carrot-Apple-Beet-Parsley Juice

You would need

4 Carrots
1/2 Beet
1 Apple
Handful parsley


Cut up everything to fit in your power juicer and turn it on. Make sure you have a large cup ready to grab all the juice at the end of the spout.


thank you very much! juicing is wonderful.