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Hi everyone,

I have pancreas divisum,congenital. Last years had a severe attack, I stayed in the hospital for 27 days, conected to  an IV and one week with a feeding tube I haven't been able to tolerated proper food since them. I had a second attack in which the enzymes whent up to 7000, lost 22 lbs in a month and a half, it has been very dificult to tolared food , My grandma gave me this diet from the old days,  that works for me,Breakafast any of   this fruits mix with aloe vera inner leaf (vegetarian or nutritional stores carried aloe vera inner leaf juice) blackberry,berries,apple juice blende it together with the aloe vera, papaya,pinaple and watermelon dont mix with any other fruit, only with the aloe vera inner leaf juice. a cup of cream of wheat , yougurt plane or with fruits is also a good breakfast choice, for lunch I usually have a  vegetable soup made with chicken broth,spinash,squash, onion,garlic,asparagus,sweet potato all blended iit. this soup fill you up wih great nutrients, mash potato,mash squash with no milk or butter,just parsey and salt with  a bottle or two a day of ensure or boots to support your body. coconuts water is excellent for your body as contains electrolite. baby food  fruits is also a good snack. This diet had help the pancreas to heal and my body to get the nutrients that I need, is hard to live all your life restricting yourself of food but is the only way you could prevent another attack by being strick to a diet like this.The pancreas takes a long to heal after an attack,never mind two,my specialist said could take up to two years,meanwhile I need to have a strict diet, be able to sleep at least 8 hours a day, stress free, take b12, mutivitamin to boots the inmune system.

This  it is a long process, if you can identify what your body tolerate and go in to a more natural aproach,your body will heal and get stronger.


You havent specified where on your ribs it hurts, it could be a muscle problem or perhaps a fracture, i suggest seeing your gp