I had my gall bladder removed February of 2012, just last year. Ever since then i had no trouble, though i did gain alot of weight. My problem is that about 4 months ago my stomach haves been turning against me. Every time i eat i feel nausea' s and i end up throwing up, this was happening about twice a month, at the least. So i decided to go on the same strict diet as before the surgery, which was no oils or anything fatty. Unfortunetly, that has not been working, and it actually got worst. It now happens atleast 4 times a week. Here are my symptoms: CONSTANT nausea, sort of like a stabbing, twirling, and as if my stomach walls are being scrapped by a knife. I have been twice to the ER just this week and they said it might be a virus. I dont think it is. Its been happening for way too long now. And it keeps me up at night. Now, please, if anyone might have a clue with whats been happening to my stomach please comment. Its driving me crazy.