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Hello, I had my gall bladder removed 3 months after i had my daughter when i was 20 years old.  I didn't really have a choice because i had what they called a gall bladder attack which caused me horriable pain for 5 days.  When I went to the doctors they sent me for an ultasound.  The ultrasound tech said that i had lots of gall stones and was currently having a gall bladder attack. I was sent down to the ER and there i was told that i needed imedeiate surgery or i would die.

I have been seeing law suits all ove the TV for anyone who used certain birth control.  I think that's what might have caused me to have gall bladder problems in the first place. If there is anyone who might have had similar problem after using birth control please give ne your feedback.



In general, my comment would be birth control pills destroy the intestinal ecology and about after 6-12 months of continuous use your body cannot make B vitamins in the intestinal lining.

You need especially vitamin B6 to keep the cholesterol salts in suspension in the bile. If you were not taking B complex vitamins or at least the Vitamin B6 supplements and if your organic sodium level in your body was low that would create precipitation of the cholesterol salts in the liver and much more in the gall bladder since it is a sack of fluid saved for digestion.

Since we are programmed and bombarded with the stuff from the media to eat non fat and devitalized food, your gall bladder gets lazy and do not pump out sufficient amount of bile for digestion as its gets the signal when you eat fatty food and when the ph of the stomach contents are in the appropriate range for this signal to happen. I do not want to get too technical here... Over a prolonged time the precipitated bile and cholesterol salts turn into calcified matter and then to stones.  I have seen young ladies as young as 25 years old with this problem and they all had history of using birth control pills. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you about the law suit because I am not a lawyer but if you make a search on the web you should be able to find something on that. I just wanted to give you my opinion and knowledge on this subject and tried to give you an overview about the body chemistry and hoping that another young girl will see this post and will take some precautions. From what I can tell it is almost getting to be an epidemic proportion. It is so sad!