I am writing my story here so it may help others. If you look at my previous posts, you will see some of the symptoms I went through. In Total I visited emergency rooms, had blood tests. 5 sets of x-rays, 2 ultra sounds, a bone scan and an MRI.

I started with weird symptoms like pale stool. a lot of dizzyness and fatigue, pain when I ate and paleness. Back pain that radiated and constipation as well, where almost It was one hell of an experience. I even had a couple days where I was peeing out of my arse. I mentioned irritable bowel to the hospital and thats all they thought about even had an upper GI done. My tummy hurt everytime I ate. I could not even go up a flight of stairs withoutInteresting experience from bloated feeling to even fainting. And the worrying and stress was the worse. Well after all that bull, It came down to one thing.... an MRI.

If you are going through majority of these symptoms and work at a desk, get an MRI of the soine. I have my gallbladder no surgery required. But I have spinal stenosis and degenerative disc of the Thoracic Spine. Started seeing a chiropractor regularly and a lot of the symptoms receded dramitcally. I do certain stretches to releive certain discomforts everyday. I kept it short and simple, but if any questions I will check in here periodically and even bookmark. If you have these symptoms and gall bladder tests all come out negative, go to a few chiro appointments it took that many to start seeing the changes.

Still feeling "the pressure" but knowing is better than not.