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My name is Ronda

I had my gallbladder removed 4months ago, the specialist didn't say anything i had to do anything after.

I dont have the runs but i have a lot of sever cramping, nause, and lack of energy, lots of brusing. Has anyone had the same problems, i find that my bones used to always pain. and lots of gas all the time. i cant eat a lot and no dairy.

I am gaing lots of weight and havent changed anything that i did before the opperations.


i had my gall bladder removed 06/11 and i'm still having complications with it. i still have bad upper abdominal pain, i get nauseous everytime i eat, i have even elevated my bed. i lost 25 lbs in a month and a half after my surgery. i get the joint pains  too. it's really painful. to make things worse i have narcolepsy (sleep disorder) and with it i have cataplexy (when strong emotion is brought on you go paralyzed for a few seconds to a few minutes) so when i'm doubled over it pain my cataplexy kicks in. not a fun thing to have!