Hi - 


Since April/May - I doubled over in pain especially in the stomach - was so painful I could not do anything - take care of my children. I went to the ER, explained to the doctor about my symptoms, as soon as I arrived there, my pain went away (go figure).  I explained to them and they look at me like I was crazy :(  They did blood work and ultrasound   The ultrasound showed that I had 4 polyps on my gall bladder,  and told me to contact a GI doctor. 


I found GI doctor, explained to her what happened. She said will do colons copy  endoscopy and look at the whole picture of my GI system since I have history of IBS.  All test came out well - said we would monitor my gallbladder. 


6 mos later - beforehand, I have been having chest pressure esp after eating. Nause spells ... Gas so bad my husband avoids me LOL  Lost of appetite.  I went in to get another ultasound and found 5 polyps, one more than what I had before. all were under 1 CM and my GI suggested me to see a surgeon .... now I am scheduled to see a doctor on Thursday ... 


is it that bad if she referred me to a surgeon ... will it be bad? is it just removing polyps or the gall bladder? anyone had same sypmptoms?