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hi, right well last week, after almost 5 months of severe pain in my right side of my back side and front (all on the right hand side) i finally had a diagnosis of gallstones, from an ultrasound scan, so me being me has researched this problem thoroughly, they have told me the only option is to surgically remove my gallbladder which im a little worried about, having read some rather strange stories about the after effects of gallbladder removal!! anyway i came across some natural remedies one inparticular where you use olive oil and lemon juice.... i was wondering if anyone had ever used this therapy and had good results from it? and did you get it confirmed via ultrasound that infact teh gallstones had all gone? i've read that someone had their stones tested and they were just hardened olive oil, and there is only 1 reported case of it actually working, but the lady it worked on still needed surgery a short time later because she developed another stone.... so has anyone tried these natural remedies or has anyone tried anything that has worked other than surgery??
here is the link to where i read about the natural remedy so u can have a read for yourselves... personally i think they might be dangerous and i wouldnt use it... whats your thoughts on it?


I tired the similar remedy your are talking about (gallbladder flush) - 3 doses of water & epsom salt solutions and a final equal part solution of olive oil and lemon juice, felt extremely bloated - was advised this would be symptomatic of the remedy and oh yes! it worked like the remedy indicated.  I had to stay by the toilet several hours the following morning through mid afternoon.  What appeared to be gallstones (several small stone-like objects) were released and were seen in the toilet - they looked like small green small stones 1/8 to 1/4 inches and 1- nickel sized one.  I hear some people have much larger stones and this type of remedy is not always a good idea to try because it can cause other problems with the gallbladder, pancreas, and colon - but I was unaware of that before I tried this remedy and talked to my doctor.  And, the following days I felt refreshed - no bloating - lost some minimal weight - but gained most of it back in the following (9) months.  Following the remedy to prevent gallbladder attacks (assuming you do not have any other problems medically - no stones and proper organ functioning); the real key to this is eat a low -fat - portion controlled meal without the greasy fats that makes the liver and gallbladder act up.  This helps in the prevention of future gallbladder pain attacks and further accumulation of concentration build-up of bile sludge and gallstones.  Some people are just prone to this disease and produce more than others.  The real danger of such painful irratically gallbladder attacks is the possiblity of rupturing the organ entirely.  The gallstone removal remedy I performed mentioned to repeat this action several times a year and the gallbladder attacks should not return as long as the liver and gallbladder are working properly in unison - asuming no other medical problems.   The problem with most circumstances surrounding this event is that most people do not know whether it will be danagerous to them or not until they have had several tests done to determine if this is the real problem.  The liver produces bile - the gallbladder stores it until a time to release the bile for digestion of large meals into and through the colon.  If this process is not working properly, sometimes bile sludge and stones builds up in the gallbladder and not all the bile is released when it is full (some pain killers will relax the bile duct and promote the release of bile acids) but this is not always a working solution and I strongly advise your physician first give you a proper diagnosis.  Hida and Pipada Scans determine whether the gallbladder is actually functioning properly and are administered by a physician / technicians and recommended in a hospital environment - generally results vary (average = 35% to 75% is a desirable number the gallbladder is functioning correctly.  While anything less than 35% is determined to be less desirable and may result in the doctor's desire to remove teh gallbladder entirely. From that point forward - do what you are suppose to do - eat low fat - non-greasy portion controlled meals that are conducive to good health or you may be prone to episodes of sudden bowell reactions and need a bathroom fast - so be careful and plan for any trips taking excessive time between bathroom breaks.  Well - I did not do the remedy again - periodically like the article had suggested.  1-1/2 years later - I found out I had Mono - the kissing disease.  I went to the doctor to find out why I was so tired and this cold-like flu symptom was persisting as I regularly am not afflicted with much health problems at all.  It surprised me by the doctor's diagnosis.  He did a blood test and noticed my liver functions were abnormally high.  Although I was not having gallbladder attacks or pain, he suggested an ultrasound test and I complied - resulting in the discovery of a polup on my gallbladder.  This certainly alerted me - with the possibility as a risk for cancer and I opted for a surgical opinion.  This consultation resulted in the surgeon indicating my polup was very small and not a high risk circumstance and suggested future ultrasound scans to detrmine any growth in the area - which might be evidence of possible cancer at a later time.  He indicated in my case, 90% of these polups are benign and unless they start growing -----gallbladder cancer is rare.  He did suggest I have a Pipada Scan and now that is where I am at the present time.  I hope my scan results in a properly functioning gallbladder - with no surgery required - but I guess I will let you know the outcome later.  I hope this short article helps relieve the anxiety I have felt being a possible first time patient.