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My husband had his gallbladder removed, it has been 3 weeks now. He has been so sick. His stool is yellow very naseau to his stomach. The other day his stool was very dark green. His urine has changed also. Stays the same color all day. (the color of apple juice) He is losing weight. He does not feel like eatting at all. Pain in his stomach. Before his surgery all of his blood work was normal, except his white count was a little high. Ultra sound showed that he has a fatty liver. He does not drink. We are not sure what we need to do next. He has no energy at all.


First he needs to go back to his Dr.

I think the problem lies in the lack of gallbladder. It provides plenty of juices to aid digestion and when that gets removed it can cause problems.

I have had IBS for 11 years now and I have heard may people get IBS after gallbladder sugery. Maybe a high quality, plant based digestive enzyme might help him a little.

I do want him to see a Dr. though just to rule out any other illnesses.

Good Luck,