Gas, Chest/Back pain, Constipation, Vomiting. For the past month or so i havnt been able to eat. Anything i eat seems to cause pain and vomiting and ive started pretty much throwing up right after i eat. ive lost 17 pounds since this started which is cool sort of but scary.

Ever since i was 16 ive had this happen every now and then, it was only when i drank very heavily very fast or if i drank warm soda very fast. then it started becoming more frequent at 21 when i was pregnant with my daughter, slowed down after birth but continued to occur now and then. Then i got pregnant with my son at 23 and it happened way way more and i just assumed it was from his hair lol, when i turned 24 it happened more often, especially after eating lettuce or any leafy greens, but i just assumed it was gas. and now here i am at 25 and its constant.

ive gone to the doctors before when the pain radiated from my chest to my flanks and i thought my kidneys were failing but after tests nothing was wrong. go figure. as they said it was because im fat and eat too much.

As for constipation, all my life ive gone once or twice every 3 or 4 days. fun stuff. now i can only seem to go if i eat yogurt and drink prune juice.

i have a colonoscopy and endoscopy in april for this, but im just curious if anyone else has experienced this.

The death gas as i call it feels like pressure and burning in the middle of my chest and it goes straight through, sometimes its also in my lower ribs. if i push around my stomach i can burp and if i lay flat on my back on the floor it seems to help. also hot hot showers directly at my back help relieve the pain a bit, but it only starts to subside once i get to throwing up stomach acid (disgusting bright orange liquid). Sorry for the novel. <3